TIPS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT will offer a 2-year MBA degree program (Approved By AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai (Institution Code : 717) with specialization in Entrepreneurship. To support our Honourable Prime Minister’s “Make In India” Initiative, Indian businesses need to be successful. This requires Indian Entrepreneurs to have the skills and ability to start up, manage and run businesses to be globally competitive. Thus, there is a huge need for competent entrepreneurs who can run businesses successfully. There is a also a compelling need for mid-level managers in existing corporations who can take initiative and ownership of tasks to grow the organizations that they work for.

As per the aspiring minds report on the study on employability of today’s graduates, there exists a huge gap between the abilities of today’s graduates and the expectation of the industry. The report claims that most of the graduates today cannot be deployed in the industry without extensive training. We propose to add a significant aspect to curriculum delivery that will emphasize industry learning and exposure through various activities such as Guest Lectures/Sessions by senior people employed in the industry and immersion projects. The next sections specifically lists the objectives of the institution